Windmill Street Coffee: House Blend

Our current signature House Blend is a mixture of two exquisite speciality coffees from Brazil and Tanzania, both of which are IMPACT certified. The Brazilian component is a naturally processed coffee sourced from the Araujo Reiss family at Fazenda Salto in Carmo de Cachoeira. The Tanzanian coffee is a fully washed blend, named Korongo (Swahili for Flamingo), that scores 84+ and is sourced from washing stations across Tanzania's Southern Highlands.

Available in : 250g, 1Kg Packs, and Nespresso compatible capsules

  • Coffee Plantation

    Coffee plantation, Brazil

  • Brazil, Fazenda Salto IMPACT

    Brazil, Fazenda Salto IMPACT

  • Coffee Cherries

    Coffee cherries, Brazil

Windmill Street Coffee: Seasonal Blend

Our Spring 2024 Seasonal Blend is a mix of fully washed, handpicked IMPACT-certified Red Bourbon coffee from the Burundi regions of Ngozi and Kayanza, and a fully washed Kenyan Duma ABC grown by smallholders on fertile, volcanic soils on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range in the Central Province. Beautifully balanced and utterly delicious, it has sumptious notes of raisins, cocoa and a hint of amaretto.

 Available in : 250g, 1Kg Packs, and Nespresso compatible capsules

  • Burundi: Red Bourbon Coffee Cherries

    Burundi: Red Bourbon Coffee Cherries

  • Coffee processing, Kenya

    Coffee processing, Kenya

  • Duma Coffee Logo

    Duma Coffee

Windmill Street Coffee: Colombian Tumbaga Sugarcane Decaf

This exceptional decaf is sourced from a blend of top-quality Colombian arabicas which are then naturally decaffeinated using Ethyl Acetate derived from molasses (hence "Sugarcane" decaf). Balanced, chocolatey and sweet, it's hard to believe this coffee is caffeine-free.

Available in : 250g Packs and Nespresso compatible capsules

  • Raw arabica coffee beans

    Arabica coffee beans, Colombia

  • Coffee plantation, Colombia

    Coffee plantation, Colombia

  • Tumbaga Coffee Logo

    Tumbaga Coffee

Windmill Street Coffee: Single Origins

We offer a range of extra special single origins from Colombia, Costa Rica, Rwanda, El Salvador and Kenya. This selection changes seasonally, allowing customers even more choices.

Available in : 250g Packs


  • Coffee farm, Colombia

    Coffee farm, Colombia

  • Catuai coffee cherries, Costa Rica

    Catuai coffee cherries, Costa Rica

  • Coffee beans drying, Kenya

    Coffee beans drying, Kenya

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