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Seasonal Blend

Seasonal Blend

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Our Spring 2024 Seasonal Blend is a mix of fully washed Red Bourbon coffee from the Burundi regions of Ngozi and Kayanza, and a fully washed Kenyan Duma ABC grown by smallholders on fertile, volcanic soils on the slopes of Mount Kenya and the Aberdare mountain range in the Central Province.


Burundi, Kenya

Tasting Notes

raisins, cocoa, amaretto, citrus acidity

Espresso Recipe

20g in, 48ml out, 24 seconds

Extra Description

The Burundi element is a blend of high quality, IMPACT-certified Red Bourbon called Turaco (named for an iconic bird, native to Burundi) - the IMPACT certification ensures farmers are rewarded for their hard work and maintains long-term sustainability in the coffee supply chain. Most coffee grown in Burundi is farmed by smallholder families, and this is no exception. Many farms produce no more than 250-300 kilos of cherries per year, and these small harvests are handpicked by the families themselves before central processing.

Smallholder farmers also produce the Kenya element of the blend. This graded ABC sized blend is sourced from a variety of high-quality microlots - offering great quality AND real consistency. Grown in rich, volcanic soils at high altitude (1600-1850 masl) in the Central Province, the cherries are selectively handpicked and then processed in centralised wet mills, which are fed by high altitude streams for optimum quality.

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